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Coaching & Counselling – Perso

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Salute & Benessere Medicina erboristeria e terapie Lazio Roma

3771364  Coaching & Counselling – Perso

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Coaching & Counselling – Perso
Support with: Life Transitions, Anxiety, Dependencies, Behavioural Issues. Identify: What you Want and How to Get it. Enhancing Strengths for Growth. Strengthen Self Esteem, Self Worth. Gain Direction & Obtain Goals. Promoting Client Self-Responsibility & Direction. Safe Online Video or Audio Sessions. Safe Email exchange. Become a Professional Coach. Four Day AC Accredited Training Course – Brighton July & August 2019. Denise Richardson; BSc (hons) Psych M.Sc. International Medicine. OMAC, MBPS Clinical Hypnotherapist - Accredited StrengthScope Profiler - Organisational Member: Association for Coaching
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